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A Beginner's Guide to: Amazon Seller - Tips & Techniques for Success

A Beginner's Guide to: Amazon Seller - Tips & Techniques for Success

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Earning money while doing as little as possible is the dream for so many people. And of course, why wouldn't it be?

Side hustles have become increasingly popular over the years, but it's important to choose a time-tested hustle that allows you to earn money on the side with minimal effort. Selling on Amazon is one of the best methods out there.

In this e-book, I'm going to show you the step-by-step process to buying discounted items and selling them for a profit on Amazon.

Using this method on Amazon Seller works well because once you find an excellent product to sell, Amazon does almost everything else for you. They manage shipping, returns, and customer service. This side hustle is as close to passive income as it gets.

There are 50+ pages and  5 chapters full of valuable information on getting started as an Amazon Seller.


Chapter 1: Creating an Account

Chapter 2: Using the App and Scanning Products

Chapter 3: What to Sell and Where to Find Products

Chapter 4: Preparing Your Products and Shipping

Chapter 5: Getting Paid


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